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Micro Laser Modeling System ACCULAS

Revolution in 3-D Ultra-fine Processing
Micro Stereo-lithography System, ACCULAS®


ACCULAS® is the first Stereo-lithography system in the world capable of creating micron-order 3-D solids. The revolutionary micro-modeling system enables complex 3-D ultra-fine solids to be made in a short time by means of a simple process.
When used in combination with a specially formulated UV-curable resin, 3-D ultra-fine modeling of an unprecedented level can be achieved. The system can be applied to prototype production and the manufacturing of micro devices in the MEMS (Microsystems/Micromachines), optical electron, and bio medical fields as well as to ultra-fine film surface modeling and the electroforming of master molds for nanoimprint lithography.

ACCULAS® was developed jointly by Laser Solutions CO., Ltd. and JSR Corporation. D-MEC Corporation is in charge of technical development and marketing.


Ultra-fine/Super-precision Stereo-lithography System

World's First Micron-order Stereo-lithography System Finally Realized!

  • A UV-curable resin having a hitherto unachieved resolution is cured at a super-precision resolution by a high-precision digital light exposure mechanism.
  • 3-D structures are created by the layer-by-layer forming method, under which 3-D ultra-fine solids are formed automatically by repeated light exposure and resin coating.
  • Applications are expected to include research/prototype production/manufacturing of micron-order 3D-shape devices, for which a rapid growth and demand is expected in the future. Fields of applications being considered include micro parts such as micro gears and micro connectors, micro devices such as MEMS for medical bio, optical electron, information communication, and environmental energy fields, film-surface processing for light guiding plates, diffusion plates, and micro-lens arrays, and the electroforming of mold masters for micro molding in processes such as nanoimprint lithography. Examples of modeling

  • D-MEC Corporation gladly undertakes joint the development of micro devices with customers. Please consult us.
  • D-MEC Corporation also undertakes commissions for ACCULAS® micro-modeling.Please contact us for a quotation and if you have any question.


Examples of solids

pdf ACCULAS® full catalog new
>> PDF: 2,099KB


pdf D-MEC introduces ACCULAS®, the world's first practical laser modeling system for the micro modeling range.
>> PDF: 328KB

pdf ACCULAS® SI-C1000 specifications available in PDF form.
>> ACCULAS SI-C1000 specifications PDF: 100 KB

Light source LD (405 nm) and/or LED (365 nm)
Image Modulation Spatial light modulation device
Exposure resolution 1 µm (*1)
Modeling range 150 x 150 x 50 (mm)
Maximum model size 50 mm cube (*2)
Minimum lamination pitch 5 µm (mechanical accuracy 0.5 µm)
Resin Dedicated high-resolution resin
Data interface Dedicated interface software "Viola" (Plug-in to Magics) (*3)
Power 100 V AC, 2 kVA

1,000 (W) x 1,000 (D) x 1,700 (H) (excluding controller PC)

Main unit weight Approx. 600 kg

(*1) Optical resolution. This may not the resolution of the solid depending on the shape of the model.
(*2) The size of the solid to be created may vary depending on the physical memory size of the editing PC.
(*3) The direct interface has been newly developed. Magics is an editing software made by Materialise Corporation.

Contracted laser modeling

You can entrust solid creation to us as D-MEC knows how to use the micro laser modeling system ACCULAS® best. Please consult us.

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