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Solid Creation System(SCS)

SCS modeling process

Stereolithography involves converting a 3-D CAD design image into cross-section "slice" data,and then using the data to guide a laser which strikes a UV-curable resin and hardens it. The model is build up one slice at a time.

3-D CAD data


A 3-dimensional model, designed with CAD, is sliced into a number of thin cross sections and converted to contour-line data.
Contour-line slice data


Following the contour-line data, an ultraviolet laser scans across the surface of a UV-curable resin in the tank to draw the cross-section shape. The resin which is struck with the laser hardens, forming one cross-section layer of the shape, resting on the elevator.
modeling process


The elevator descends by one layer at a time. By continuous creation of numerous thin cross sections, the 3-dimensional model is formed.
modeling process


By repeating this process, the 3-dimensional model is completed. Finally, the elevator is raised and the model removed for aftertreatment.

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