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Solid Creation System(SCS)


  • A unique galvanometer mirror type control method allows high-speed, high-precision modeling.
  • A special high-resolution solid creation resin (DESOLITE scr series) allows delicate modeling.
  • You can select your preferred SCS models according to your needs from our wide variety of machines: high-definition modeling machine (SCS-1000HD), super-speed modeling machine (SCS-8000, 8100D), large-size modeling machine (SCS-9000), and small-size modeling machine (SCS-6000).
  • Special data editing software (Magics and Solid Ware) is provided with various functions, and allows quick and simple creation of supports as well as treatment of slices.
  • There is a wide selection of resins according to your needs. We have developed not only field-proven standard resin but also ABS-like resin, PE-like resin, PP-like resin, heat-resistant resin, and newly developed resin with higher snap-fitting properties.
  • Resin with integrated filler is also provided to create injection molding models (direct molds). Therefore, it is possible to create as many as several hundred prototypes, the material of which is the same as that of the final product, within a few days.

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