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Solid Creation System(SCS)

Product Lineup Machines

SCS-1000HD SCS-6000 SCS-9000

High-accuracy and high-precision model Compact model High-power large-size model
He-Cd laser Solid-state semiconductor laser Solid-state semiconductor laser
  200 mW, 25 kHz 1000 mW, 60 kHz
(First in Japan)
Realized the highest accuracy and precision in the industry. The combined use of He-Cd laser that can narrow down the laser beam and a dedicated resin allow the highly accurate modeling. Equipped with the latest solid-state laser, offers an attractively low running cost. With the latest laser technologies,the maintainability and energy efficiency have been improved. One of the largest machines in the world that enables you to create solids to the maximum dimensions of 1,000 x 800 x 500 (mm). Equipped with the powerful laser system of 1,000 mW, 60 kHz which is the first in Japan.

pdf Specifications of each machine available in PDF form.
>> Solid creator specifications PDF: 60 KB

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