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Solid Creation System(SCS)

Product Lineup UV Curable Resins

Excellent features and superior properties of D-MEC resins

  • JSR Corporation, a leading company in the development of UV-curable resins with proven achievements, has been taking charge of manufacturing and development of our resins.
  • The laboratory of resin development team is in the same compound of D-MEC Modeling Center. This enables us speedy development of new resins for various applications to meet users' needs.
  • With the cooperation in research and development with the US DSM (through acquisition of technologies, patents, human resources, and facilities involved in Somos, a UV curable resin by duPont which has proven results), we have the best system and capability in resin development in the world.
  • A wide range of resins of various types is offered, and development of new resins is constantly going on to further meet your needs.
  • Our high-toughness resins (scr710, 720, 735, 11120 and 9120), filler type super-heat-resistant resin (scr802), and resins with high precision and high resolution (scr751 and 950) are highly recognized by our customers.

UV Curable Resins scr Grade Map

Click on the resin name for the properties list.

: Properties list -1-
: Properties list -2-
General purpose/
High precision High toughness Heat resistant For direct mold dies PE-like resin PP-like resin Clear, moisture resistant,
and high toughness
Pulse Laser scr701
(Epoxy; general purpose)
None ABS-like resin
Resin with
high heat resistance & high compressive fracture resistance
Super heat-resistant and high rigidity
(Epoxy; filler type)
Crystal clear resin
(Epoxy; for SCS300P)
Snap-fitting properties
ABS-like resin
(Epoxy; high sensitivity)
High heat-resistant, high-toughness resin
(Heat-resistant ABS-like resin)
(Epoxy; high sensitivity)
  None None scr8110

*There are also grades available for Ar laser.

pdf Resin Properties Lists are available in PDF form.
>> Resin Properties List PDF: 60 KB

UV Curable Resin Characteristics List

scr-701 A typical general-purpose grade epoxy resin, achieving high modeling accuracy. Excels in balance between moisture resistance and low warping.
scr-710 World's first ABS-like resin in high toughness series. Excels in self-tapping properties while maintaining the rigidity.
scr-720 The latest grade of high toughness series. With the improvements made to scr-710, the scr-720 has higher snap-fitting properties. Best material for evaluating mating parts of thin wall thickness.
scr-735 Best selling grade among the high toughness series. With the heat resistance improved from scr-710 and excellent balance between heat resistance and toughness, this resin is suitable for wide variety of modeling applications.
scr-740 A resin with improved heat resistance and superior compressive fracture resistance. Most suitable for forming heat-resistant models that are tightened with bolts.
scr-802 A resin with integrated filler, having the excellent heat resistance with heat distortion temperature of 250°C and high rigidity. Most suitable for forming heat- resistant models including fan covers and die/mold applications.
scr-8120 A PE-like resin having the properties and color tone similar to those of polyethylene. Particularly suitable for modeling requiring higher flexibility than other resins.
scr-9100 A PP-like resin having the properties and color tone similar to those of polypropylene. The excellent self-tapping and snap-fitting properties make the resin an ideal material for forming prototypes used for preliminary verification of products made of PP.
scr-11120 Totally changing the conventional image of brownish amber solids made with solid creation system, this resin has a remarkably clear transparency. It is also called a "crystal clear resin." The transparency, higher water resistance, and toughness of this epoch-making resin enable you to create highly transparent models, especially suitable for modeling prototypes of products requiring a high transparency, such as headlight lenses for automobiles and glass products. While maintaining the toughness identical to that of scr-710, scr-11120 has a greatly improved water resistance which has been a drawback of epoxy-based UV curable resins. It is optimal for models for verification regarding water flow in the models (such as models of heat exchanging equipment), etc.
scr-751 A resin dedicated for He-Cd laser machines. Satisfies the needs of micro modeling with high accuracy and high precision.
scr-950 An oxetane-based resin dedicated for He-Cd laser machines. With high toughness, high sensitivity, and high resolution, its snap-fitting is six times better and the breaking resistance is five times higher than the existing epoxy resins. This resin enables lamination to build up at a minimum pitch of 30 mm, making it possible to obtain the best results in the industry.

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